John Morrison, Photographer


Johns' modus operandi is to identify carefully exactly what the objectives are, who the targeted audience is, and what needs to be accomplished.

He is personally involved in every detail, preferring the hands on approach. Bringing the elements together that a project requires, casting and creating the scenario, and with minimal art direction. John allows the talent to contribute to the creativity, then likes to "let it happen" - shooting quickly and allowing for spontaneity while keeping it fun and fresh. He approaches stills like moving film, catching a moment, or a snippet. He attributes great pictures to inspiring his subjects to contribute their creative talents rather than adopt the "just props" mindset, embracing the benefits of a team effort collaboration.

John has shot on movie sets, music video sets, studio and locations unimaginable. He has photographed celebrities, street cast talent, athletes, actors, actresses, musicians and top models. He has shot all sorts of fashion and catalog but doesn't consider himself a fashion photographer.

His range is extensive with campaigns from the classic old Hollywood glamour genre shot in black and white, to young cool radical rock and roll looking images like he did for Arizona Jeans and Supre. He has photographed campaigns for the sun tanning industry, ads for Las Vegas Entertainers, fitness and health editorials...

Pharmaceuticals to soft drinks and beverages.....his style appeals to a wide audience often European clients who are seeking an edgier lifestyle image with a fashion look such as the Nokia campaign where the product was merely a fashion accessory.

He went to Puerto Rico to produce a Latin American campaign for Winston shooting in torrential rains returned only to leave for Canada to do a fashion shoot high in the Canadian Rockies with models hanging from helicopters over gaping crevasses....

Where some photographers prefer to stay within their comfort zone, subject matter wise, John has shot the latest thigh high boots for North Bound Leather to the latest Vans Rail Riders in the middle of the X Games!

John has a reputation for never giving up once he is committed, never being satisfied with just good enough. More often than his assistants care to recall, just when they are expecting to pull it all down, pack up and finally go for dinner....John sheepishly announces he has an idea, or another inspiration. (He also has a reputation for never needing to eat or sleep and possesses endless energy and enthusiasm which at times inspires his crew to cheerfully like to strangle him.) It's all challenging and fun for John.

Currently his portfolio represents his work as vibrant, saturated lifestyle with a real people - real life feel. His attention lately has been towards lifestyle with an edgy fashion look, and the entertainment industry as well as advertising. He has a huge stock image library which is currently being transferred to digital.

Johns' book usually gets called in for projects that require either the "organic" classic look of traditional black and white or saturated color charged images that are often times a little quirky.

If the concept requires fresh, cool, energetic, vibrant imagery that's strong graphically but can also look like a clip from a piece of film, Johns' style will meet and exceed that criteria.


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